About Lawrence Hopman...


Lawrence Hopman

  • Lawrence  grew up steeped in agricultural sales...  
  • Some of his earliest memories are of riding along with his father as he peddled fresh eggs from the Family’s farm to restaurants and stores in Canada’s Niagara Peninsula... “His customers loved him! Watching dad bantering with clients; I learned very early that the relationship always came before the sale”.  
  • As soon as Lawrence was licensed to drive, he hit the road selling eggs and produce.


Floral route sales. Toronto c 2002

  • Lawrence’s floral expertise stems from many years of work in the business... 
  • In 1995 he accepted an offer by United Floral Distributors in Fenwick,  Ontario. His first role was operating a sales route in Toronto.  For many years Lawrence was on the road before dawn at the wheel of a “bucket  truck” peddling cut flowers and plants to florists. With Lawrence continually calling on new clients; his business eventually tripled, creating full time jobs for new sales reps.  
  • In 2002, he accepted an invitation to join the inside sales team and was entrusted with expanding the company’s garden center and florist trade in the Great Lakes region and Northeastern United States.
    Using effective cold call techniques exhibiting at regional trade shows, Lawrence once again grew the business; becoming the company’s top producer.


 Lawrence inspects a high tunnel celosia crop with crop scientist Ahmed Bilal at Vyn's Canadian farm in 2007

  • In 2006 Lawrence attracted the attention of Vyn Flowers Inc.  Here he was offered an opportunity to develop a mass market clientele for their fresh cut field flowers and dried florals. Vyn has operations in Canada, USA and Colombia. He cold called supermarkets and department stores coast to coast with wide success and helped pioneer point-of-sale merchandising and planogram concepts for fresh and dried flowers.   
  • In  2012 Lawrence joined Aldershot Greenhouses Ltd. in Burlington Ontario. Aldershot produces houseplants and perennials and is known for their potted mini roses. He practiced his sales skills there; growing the company's business and adding to his client list.   
  • In 2019 Lawrence identified some needs within the flower industry.  Some growers had difficulty accessing markets. Busy retail buyers needed help qualifying suitable growers.   
  • Hopman Flower Farms was formed as an agency to match capable growers with retailers...