“I've always known Lawrence to be a genuine sales rep. He works hard like most of us do, but he is sincere in what he conveys, even if it doesn't gain him popularity. I believe this is the foundation of what gives him his unique charisma”

Marc Radsma 

Monrovia Nursery Company 

Azusa, California 2006-2014

“Lawrence is a great professional to work with. He has extensive knowledge of his product and always delivered on our requests for product, time lines, and changes. The products he represents were always well received by our stores; both for quality and presentation. He is a vendor I truly miss working with since changing careers”.

Ana Vargas

Category Analyst 

Safeway Inc

Pleasanton California. 2005-2011


“Lawrence was my potted and cut flower representative for many years at United Floral. I found him to be quick to respond, and always willing to go the extra mile. Lawrence was an asset especially with high stakes projects like weddings, and he was my go-to guy for hard to find items. Lawrence has high integrity, looking out for his customer's needs before his own or his company's. Lawrence always has the long-term big picture in mind. If a product was of poor quality, or would not suit my needs, he would prefer to lose the sale rather than, make a short-term gain. Even though I know we were not his largest account, he made us feel like number one. Lawrence is witty and fun to deal with - always upbeat with a positive attitude. If Lawrence is selling - I recommend listening, you will find no better supplier partner”. 

Heather Drummond 

Owner & VP  

Plaza Flowers

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1990-Present


“Lawrence is very personable, approachable, and interested in giving you great value on creative merchandise. I would recommend him and his company to anyone interested in expanding their lines in a home decor or floral venture. He is committed to great service and value. His business savvy is also a great benefit in business dealings”. 

Bernice Klassen

Category Manager, 

Loblaw Companies Limited. 

Calgary, Alberta. 2001-2007


“I first met Lawrence when I joined the HBC where he was a vendor. Working closely together on a set strategy we doubled the sales within the first year with our Zellers banner and put in place a successful strategy for our Bay banner as well. Lawrence is a pleasure to work with, open to new ideas and quick to react to our needs and preferences. He was also quick to share both contacts and information from his wealth of experience and it was my pleasure to work with him”.

Audrey Coulthard-Smith

National Licensing Manager

Hudson's Bay Company

Toronto, Ontario. 2007-Present


“Lawrence was my primary contact with Vyn Flowers during my work on a feature on the company for publication in Greenhouse Canada. He was extremely knowledgeable on all facets of specialty cut flower marketing and showed great considerable pride in the company and its vast range of quality products”. 

Dave Harrison


Greenhouse Canada Magazine. 

Simcoe, Ontario. 1996-2017


“Lawrence is a highly motivated and detail driven individual, with exceptional knowledge of the sales and customer fulfillment process. His is able to communicate with buyers and customers at the highest level and has achieved very substantial growth in sales for our company”. 

Alistair Campbell

Purchasing Manager

Vyn Flowers Inc

Ancaster, Ontario. 2004-2007