Flowers and plants brighten up your living and work-spaces. There are also health benefits!

Here are some reasons that you should not only buy flowers and plants to brighten someone else’s day, but also for your own well-being.

Anxiety and Stress
Flowers are exceptionally soothing. We all experience varying degrees of stress every day. For some it can be quite debilitating. One of the top floral health benefits is the fact that they assist in reducing stress and anxiety. Place them front and center at home or at the office so they are always visible.

Mood Booster
The natural world affects our mood. A fresh bouquet or a potted plant can have an instant positive impact on your mood. You will know the feeling if you have ever received a gift. It boosts the recipient’s feelings and mood. When this happens there is a spike in the brain’s production of a neurotransmitter called Serotonin. Like a mini high, Serotonin contributes to well-being and happiness.

Clean Air
In addition to these heartwarming effects by helping with anxiety, stress and mood; many plants provide additional advantages. Enjoy the benefit of having pollution removed from the air in your home or workspace. Some plants produce oxygen at night.

Personal Well-being
Create healthy habits. People who buy flowers also tend to live a healthier lifestyle. They eat well, sleep well, exercise, and maintain an active social network with family and friends. A lifestyle that includes flowers and plants is a lifestyle that is less impulsive with lower tendency to social or substance problems.

The Gift of Giving
The true spirit of giving is doing for others with no expectation of gain. Generosity makes you and those around you happier.  Giving encourages others and inspires them to be generous as well.  Giving makes us feel great; and when we feel good, we make those around us feel better too!