We are a floral procurement agency...

Agency Services

We create relationships between floral category managers and flower growers and maintain communication between parties. 

Not a Middleman 

The retailer buys directly from the primary producer. Our sourcing model eliminates the layer of cost added by brokers and re-sellers. 

Product Specialties

Live florist & garden center goods. Fresh cut flowers, potted plants, dried botanical décor, seeds, herbs, dormant bulbs.

B2B Marketing
We manage introductions and pair growers with retailers that match their size and scale. 

Quality Control

We believe that quality is the only guarantee of continuity. Our partner growers are first-rate.  We provide the vetting process, assuring professional growers with extreme standards who understand the retailer's needs. We provide eyes on the crops with regular farm inspections.  


Retail Partners

Our clients are North American chain retailers. Our dependable relationships with floral category managers provide the missing links for busy growers.

Agricultural Partners

Our producer partners are international flower growers. A trusted network built with growers provides one stop for busy category managers.


Flower Sourcing

Let us find the flowers you need. Years of experience allows us to quickly source what you are looking for - from A class growers.


We advise category managers on store level merchandising and assist with trouble shooting. We assist with all important color blocking, cross merchandising, upgrading, and shipper displaying. Long and trusted relationships with international hard good suppliers allow us to propose sleeves, covers, containers and picks which will boost the perceived value of your flowers. 

Product Development

We watch worldwide floral markets and advise on developing trends, reducing the need for speculative growing and buying. This helps ensure  that more of a farmer’s crop is pre-sold, with great sell-thru performance. 

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